Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Practitioner workshop

Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Practitioner workshop


Start time: Saturday 9:00am (26 May)
End time: Sunday 4:00pm (27 May)


May 26th-27th 2018 - 9am-4pm each day.

Pellowah Energy Technique is something not everyone is called to be attuned to, but you will feel drawn to it if it is meant for you!

The Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Energy Technique Course is one that will expand your consciousness, so if you feel ready this is definitely for you!

What is Pellowah?

Pellowah Workshops and Pellowah Healing technique is a healing modality channeled from divine source energy by Kachina Ma’an to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

So what will you be doing and learning on the day?

Level 1 is known as the ‘Practitioner’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

-Learn how to use Pellowah energy to heal other people's emotional and physical issues
-Strengthen your connection to Spirit (Source)
-Understood about your personal chakras
-Understand how to heal intuitively using high-vibrational energy.
-Know how to conduct both a private and professional Pellowah healing session.

Pellowah Level 2 is a spiritual workshop for your personal growth. You receive an attunement that enables you to connect with the higher part of you. With that connection you can then bring that higher energy into your everyday life.

Level 1 and 2 are usually done as a complete unit, held over one weekend. If you are unable to commit to a full weekend please contact me to discuss other options. I am available to conduct courses on another day if needed.

Level 2 is known as the ‘expanding consciousness’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

-Discover and connect to the seven Pellowah symbols
-Learn about the Merkabah (light body) and connect with it-Learn powerful techniques to connect you with your higher/true self
-Have further developed their energy practice abilities
-Learn a simple technique to harmonise your mind, body and spirit.

On completion of Level 1 and Level 2 you will be registered as a Pellowah Practitioner with Kachina Ma’an (Founder)

Lunch, snacks, refreshments & all materials provided for the weekend.

Each day is 9am-4pm held at Christies Beach, Adelaide.

Cost for Level 1 & 2 materials (books, certificate, refreshments, lunch and attunements) :

Just Level 1: $300 (Just practitioner level)
Just Level 2: $300 (Just Expanding consciousness level - can only be done if attuned to Level 1 energy)
Level 1 & 2 together for both days : $600

You can pay it all at once, by a fortnightly payment plan OR $150 deposit.

Feels right for you? Email holisticadventure1@gmail.com to book your spot!

Only 4 places available.

With transformational love,

Rachel x