Sydney Brick Show 2018

Sydney Brick Show 2018


Start time: Saturday 9:00am (21 April)
End time: Saturday 5:00pm (21 April)


The annual Sydney Brick Show is an event that showcases the creations of talented LEGO® builders from Greater Sydney and across Australia for viewing by the general public. We are known as AFOL's, Adult Fans of LEGO, and our passion is to create wonderous designs made from the little brick for you to enjoy.

The Sydney Brick Show sets itself apart from other fan events in offering not only Australia’s premium displays but a hands on experience for all visitors. Each year we endeavour to bring fresh idea’s for the enjoyment of patron’s, and this year we hope to have quite a few! Highlights include interactive displays and a free build area. We can’t share more with you yet, we are still developing our plans. Keep watching our social media pages for sneak previews!

Each year Sydney Brick show provides entertainment for thousands of families. In 2018 we hope that you will join us to enjoy our LEGO experience.